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Hi guys:

We don't usually promote other musicians this enthusiastically, even if we're writing about them in our ReMixed Magazine. But hot damn, this guy is good.

We ask, nay we beg, that you listen to excerpts from or even buy his new album Beautiful Empty -- just because we're confident you'll be as excited as we are. (I swear we're getting nothing in return other than satisfaction -- despite the raving we're not getting bucks from Mr. Common.)

Anyway, catch a profile of him or links to the album and other material here:  http://www.remixedmag.com/artists/johncommon/index.html

Those of you who really know us know that we're not pushovers when it comes to stuff like this. But we swear, this guy is the Real Thing.




The good news: The hardest working man in filkbusinesses tells us that he might be able to do a northern Virginia concert on Sunday 1/17 after MarsCon closes in Williamsburg.  The bad news: there's a catch, and that's where you (might) come in.

Our problem is, this is a last-minute notion, and we'd need to come up very quickly with a home or other space that could seat at least 25 to 50 people. I'm thinking Fairfax County but I imagine Loudoun or Prince William wouldn't be a big stretch, but whatever it is, we'd need to know soon to get things rolling. We'd hope to reward Tom for making the extra trip by packing the house!

So, whaddya say, folks? Want to make next Sunday night *really* fun? Help us make the 17th a "Smash the Frickin Fairies" day in in NoVA!  

(By the way, if you don't know Tom Smith, do check out his site.)
Hi folks:

As most of your know, we're about to launch ReMixed Magazine (www.remixedmag.com), a new pub which will shine the spotlight on brilliant artists who aren't getting enough attention.

Can you help us get rolling during the first issue in style? We'd be very grateful if you could:

a) Sign up for mailings from us; the sign up box is on the http://www.remixedmag.com front page

Not only do we want your names because we love you (grin), it will help us bullet-proof the e-mail system. We promise not to capsize your inbox or you can make us walk the plank.

b) Join our Facebook fan page

OR maybe you could follow us on Twitter too at @remixedmag, why not?

c) Visit the site and start flaming, complimenting, ranting or what have you on the artist discussion areas at the bottom of the page.

c.1) Oh, and tell us what other obscure, underappreciated artists you'd like to see us cover?

Thanks, boys and girls, ladies and germs, you're a beautiful audience...! We'll keep you posted.


Anne and Darren

As some of you know, our first son Benny needed to be put in long-term, off-site care for his bipolar illness, and he could use some extra reminders that people care about him.

Would you be willing to send him a postcard or letter? (via snail mail, gasp!) to:

Benjamin Zieger, 253 Horseshoe Bend, Bumpass, VA 23024.

For what it's there, Mom and dad are there often to dish out the love, but it takes a village...  By the way, Benny is scary smart, so he'll get most nerd/computer/science jokes, in case that helps.

Below please find Benny, my favorite guy in a black tie, headed to the group home's Thanksgiving dinner. The shirt is a size or two too big but to me it looks sweet.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.  Benny thanks you too. :-)

URGENT: Share or crashspace at Darkover

Anne and I are planning to attend Darkover, but haven't made hotel arrangements yet. We can afford a room if one is available, but it would help to share to defray costs (assuming there are even any rooms left.

Alternately, we're looking for crash space.


It will be just me. I'd like to take in the Friday and Saturday festivities -- mostly the Filk, I'm not much of a media fan. Whether I can stay over Saturday night depends on money involved.

If anyone is traveling from points south of Reston VA and can give me a ride without undue inconvenience, it would help a lot -- we have only one car at the moment.

Willing to babysit as long as it doesn't overlap with _all_ of the stuff I want to get to.

703-860-0796 / dzieger @ gmail.com
Hi guys:

Anne here. How's everyone?  I miss socializing with y'all, but I'm busy as heck. Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel, without the reward of nice tasty pellets when I'm done. :-)

Anyway, summer is here, and we still don't have a  *&*^^ summer camp in place for our boys. (Non-parents, you wouldn't *believe* what it costs; think about $1600 to $2000 a month. Yikes!) But I have an idea of how to solve the problem--and if you're in the DC metro, and your offspring is bored and idle too, we might be able to help each other.. For details check out http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/kid/1244741005.html. Would love to get your feedback as well.


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